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Welcome to Postgraduate Expo Australia - bringing together the best postgraduate courses in one easy to access location to make the seach for a suitable graduate school as efficient and effective as possible.

You can search for the information you need using the available menu options. This includes selecting the location where you want to study and then the type of school that can supply you with the postgraduate course you are searching for.

At Postgraduate Expo you can search for the graduate school that provides the type of instruction that best suits your purposes, whether that be research-oriented programs, coursework-based programs, or a mixture of both.

Recent progress in basic research and coursework includes areas such as advanced networks function within the various disciplines, This is why it is important that all prospective students understand what is available.

Graduate school is not like being an undergraduate because there is more emphasis in applying a professional understanding of the particular disciplines in innovative ways. Coursework does not just involve reading books and journals, it usually means applying what you are studying in a practical way.

Take the first step now in moving your professional and personal development to a new level, making the most of the potential that a postgraduate school has to offer.

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